About us

“We are about life. We are also about living; living in comfort and in style. We strive every minute to enrich the lives of millions of people who are part of us….”

Life N’ Rich is the lifestyle division of Techorbit Group, a multifaceted conglomerate that has diversified arms of services that operates all over the GCC countries. From Electronics & Home appliances to telecommunications, the group has a sound base in power retailing and lifestyle products and is poised for expansions in lucrative sectors.

Life N’ Rich is a lifestyle division that epitomizes quality in life. The wide range of products that fall into this vertical are all connected to daily life. While the range is unique and diverse, the quality of each product surpasses all established standards in quality even when compared to global majors in the business. Blankets, Innerwear, Tooth brushes, Trolley bags, School bags, Mops, Wipes & cleaning accessories, Nonstick & ceramic cookware, Cutlery and kitchen utilities to Plugs and extensions; Life N’ Rich has them all. The products are distinct in look and feel and also come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and are made to suit the lifestyle of all nationalities.

Under the Life N’ Rich umbrella, we have launched seven major brands such as Fine feather Blankets, Rockers Innerwear, Toothfresh Toothbrushes, Britemax Cleaning Accessories, Homeway Cookware, Traveller Trolley bags and School bags and Electron Plugs & Extensions.

 our mission

To be the market leader in lifestyle products in the region, providing innovative products through research, commitment and a quality driven approach.


To provide our customers, high quality products that will fulfill their everyday needs and provide them comfort in their way of life.